Remembering 60 000 Forced Goodbyes District Six 50th Commemoration Print Exchange

This exhibitions showcases 50 prints by 50 artists who collaborated to compile a portfolio of images which commemorate the 50th anniversary of the declaration of District Six in Cape Town a “whites-only” residential area.  The subsequent removal of some 60 000 people and the destruction of their homes  has a left a permanent scar in the centre of the city-scape of Cape Town.  To date no final resolution has been achieved in terms of compensation and restitution of the victims of this Apartheid legislation. 


The portfolio was compiled in 2016 and was first shown at the District 6 Museum’s Home Coming Centre.  The realisation, production and exhibition of the portfolio was made possible with the support from Sanlam, Business Art South Africa, Hard Ground Printmakers, Meltt, George Wentzel Book Binder, Wizardz Print and Design and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.


Exhibition dates: 23 January – 28 February 2020

Ayesha Price

Ayesha Price
Linocut on paper
Artist information:
Ayesha Price is a Cape Town based visual art practitioner. She was born in Parkwood Estate in 1975 and has lived and worked in many other communities across the city. She completed her studies in Art Education at the Hewat College of Education, Athlone in 1996 and has been active in art education since. In 2008, she enrolled at the University of South Africa for a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art and received the excellence award for top national result for her graduate exhibition in 2013. She works conceptually across a wide variety of media, employing visual art as a device through which to mediate social issues. The artist has also been actively engaged in a wide variety of collaborative visual art projects with local and international art & heritage institutions including Philadelphia University of the Arts, Thames Festival, Stockholm Lava Kulturhuset, Chicago Kohl Children’s Museum, and the District 6 Museum